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May 1, 2012 – Four Years of Bullying by Waldorf

We are now closing out the fourth year of this ridiculous attempt by the Waldorf School of Atlanta to take land to which they have no claim. However, there is at least now some indication of the Waldorf School’s motives.

Highlights of the bullying of neighbors by the Waldorf School of Atlanta (WSA) this past year included a mockery of the process known as mediation. On December 15, 2011, Neighbors agreed to an expensive and lengthy mediation process in a sincere effort to convince WSA to retract its affidavit and settle this matter easily and quickly, but WSA has since offered no indication of doing so. WSA did succeed in delaying the inevitable court date by at least 6 months, probably more.

As with all bullying, WSA’s goal here is to simply wear down the opposition through whatever tactics necessary to achieve the bully’s goals.

WSA started this bullying in 2008 with an erroneous claim to a strip of land belonging to neighbors, a claim with no validity which was based solely on a 67 year old scriveners error – an error which itself was clarified in all related property deeds both before and after the typographical (scriveners) error was made in 1946. Waldorf used this as a starting point for legal action, filing a claim to neighbors property.

When the neighbors refused to entertain this bullying, the Waldorf School of Atlanta simply doubled down on the bet, refusing to retract their affidavit and launching a counter suit. The dispute between neighbors on Conway Road and the Waldorf School of Atlanta, and Philip Verre individually, is now a matter for the Superior Court for the County of Dekalb, State of Georgia (Civil Action 09CV5715) (April, 2009).

For those interested in the school’s ultimate motives, and in particular the residents of Conway Road, the ultimate goal of the Waldorf School of Atlanta is to push its school out onto Conway Road. It is the school’s goal over the next several years, to buy homes along Conway Road, affect zoning regulations and eventually build out a school onto Conway Road. This has numerous consequences for the residents along Conway Road – none of which are positive. As with other instances of this type of aggressive bullying by the Waldorf movement around the country (Hiawaii, Colorado) and around the world, the ends always justify the means as far as Waldorf is concerned. It’s not so important to the school how they manage to take someone’s property, only that they do eventually take your property for their own, more enlightened needs. And yes, they are more enlightened than you.

Information posted on this site will be limited as the legal process unfolds.