Similar Stories

This information is presented so that the reader understands how the current pattern of the Waldorf School of Atlanta’s land related activities mimic those of other Waldorf schools. We understand each school is different. But there is an erie and similar theme among these stories, and ours.
From a reader in Germany via email:
Received 01/15/09


“Found your website today via the WC yahoo group. Interesting story. What strikes me is that a similar thing happened here in Germany, Berlin-Zehlendorf. A local Waldorf School had an agreement with its neighbours as to how far to the border they will expand. However, at some point they decided this written agreement is “outdated” and started to build new buildings in violation of this agreement. The neighbours sued and won. They would have had to remove the buildings, but with a lot of money they paid the neighbours compensation, see (in german).”

“Best regards”

From the Yahoo Group “Waldorf Critics”
Posted 12/29/08, from a user in the UK in response to
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“I’ve just read your links on the Waldorf Critics site and wanted to make contact. I’m so sorry to read you are going through this. I wanted to let you know you are not alone.”

“I live in the UK and 9 years ago we briefly sent our eldest daughter to a Waldorf/Steiner nursery, we very quickly realised something wasn’t quite right and pulled her out. We stayed in the area, which was very close to the school and over the last few years eleven Steiner/Waldorf families moved onto the street which resulted in us having to sell our family home this year due to the area being completely taken over by them.”

“They used a combination of spiritual terrorism and ecofascism (thanks to Peter Staudenmaier for that wonderful term it describes our experiences beautifully!) to push us out of our home. The children (like the parents) had no boundaries so were free to climb into our garden and hurt our children, animals and broke their toys. The parents believe in karma and reincarnation so every act of violent behavior is seen as a spiritual lesson to be learnt or a past life issue they are working out.”

“It became clear that there were certain conditions and expectations attached to living alongside these people. They commented on the clothes we wore, how we spoke, how we moved, the car we drove, the type of fuel we used in the car, the toys our children played with, how we viewed illness, the food we ate, what spiritual level they thought we were on, one father even asked us to cover our television when his child came to play.”

“It is incredibly hard to explain to others what these people stand for. At first it appears benign, it is only when you are in a situation when you have to challenge what those beliefs are that you see how aggressive and dangerous these people can be.”

“The euphemism is king! As long as they get the outcome they want. From my time at the school they used the techniques from another cult called Landmark Forum/Education and NVC (non-violent communication). I thought I would mention this in case it rang any bells with the way they are talking to you.”

“During the last few years, there were six families that ended up moving away due to the stress of living there. Two of the mothers had breakdowns. One person likened it to a combination of living inside the Matrix, Lord of the Rings and the DaVinci Code!”

“I found it was such a relief finding others who had sadly gone through similar, I started to question my own sanity towards the end. We tried to live alongside them, but it was impossible, we couldn’t rationalise with them, it became very unhealthy living with such selfish unhinged people and my children no longer wanted to play outdoors.”

“B” (yahoo user: beatricebecher)