Other Legal Issues

Around the United States, there seems to be a propensity of legal issues when Waldorf Schools move into an established neighborhood.  Most likely this is due to a couple of basic problems with the Waldorf movement:

  • Waldorf Schools tend to locate themselves in older, established neighborhoods in an attempt to establish residential schools. This means that the schools plan to eventually own more than just their initial land purchase. This may include buying adjacent homes in an effort to expand.
  • The Waldorf pedagogy and their spiritual beliefs (Anthroposophy), lead to potential problems with neighbors. For example, every action within the Waldorf classroom is closely monitored, such as which crayon is used for coloring.  But when it comes to outdoor play, staff and teachers will not interfere with the kids activities due to the belief in not interfering with a child’s karma. Or as it has been stated elsewhere “angels watch over them.”  This can lead to some problems for neighbors.

Recent issues with the Waldorf School of Atlanta in its present location:

  • Allowed students to throw rocks and asphalt chunks onto neighbors property, damaging a vehicle (Dekalb County GA, Civil Case 11M06393).
  • Filed affidavit against neighbors’ property (this web site’s focus). Then counter sued when neighbors were forced to sue to remove the affidavit. (Civil Action 09CV5715-2, Superior Court for the County of Dekalb, State of Georgia)
  • Certified letters to neighbors for grass clippings being dumped only a few inches inside Waldorf property.
  • Threatened legal action against non profit day care facility to stop its expansion (which interfered with Waldorf’s future dreams).
  • Routinely violates and argues zoning language.