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July 1, 2008 – Philip Verre Affidavit

July 1, 2008 Affidavit

July 1, 2008 Affidavit

After meeting with Conway Road neighbors on June 28, 2008 (a Saturday), then Waldorf School of Atlanta attorney, Rose McConnell filed an affidavit with DeKalb County, GA claiming the piece of land which she claimed neighbors did not rightfully own.

Ms. McConnell gave no warning whatsoever that she would file this statement with the county court.  She did no mention this on June 28.  Only by demanding in writing on July 2, 2008, that she produce any material filed with the county did she produce this affidavit.

The affidavit is pretty bold even for an attorney known as a “bulldog.”  The affidavit claims that there has been confusion about a land lot line location (there was none); it claims that multiple (legal) instruments (deeds) recorded by the county have the wrong location for the land lot line; and it supplies no evidence whatsoever to support these claims. Shorter version: “Hi, I’m Rose. The land lot line is in the wrong place, m’kay? Thanks.”

No land lot line in the history of Georgia has ever been a) moved or corrected; b) physically identified on the ground.

The affidavit has no impact on the deeds of the affected property owners, but it does serve to cloud the title of adjacent property owners.  And, unopposed would have later been used to improperly revise the Waldorf property deed and claim neighbors property without a hearing.

Multiple attempts were made by our attorney to ask Rose to retract this affidavit. Neighbors on Conway even contacted and talked with other members of Waldorf to explain the history of the area in dispute and the scriveners error which Rose latched onto to start this mess. Those attempts had no effect on Waldorf.


June 30, 2008 – 1185 Conway to Waldorf

This letter is the only letter sent to the Waldorf School of Atlanta between the June 28, 2008 meeting with neighbors and the July 1, 2008 affidvit filed by the school.

We wish to express that even after leaving the June 28 meeting, a bit stunned, irritated and confused, we still did not believe at that time, that we would have to obtain legal representation.

We received no response to this letter.

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1185 Conway to Waldorf School of Atlanta June 30, 2008
1185 Conway to Waldorf School of Atlanta June 30, 2008