January 18, 2009 – Refining the Message

It is amazingly difficult to explain a land dispute to anyone not directly involved.

Anyone who owns a home or land can certainly understand the tone expressed on this site in recent weeks. We know that cuts both ways. But our attempts have begun to open ears and eyes. Public dialogue is not the best method. But sometimes, it’s the only trusted method.

We’ve also listened to feedback from those of you in the Waldorf community and tried to rephrase several points. We understand that we cannot reach you if we offend you. Though the disussion itself may be inclined to offend, that is not our intent.

In light of public communication from the Waldorf School of Atlanta, communication which we do not believe would have been forthcoming had we not taken this step, we have refocused the content of this site.

In the responses to the Waldorf School of Atlanta’s recent communications of January 7, 2009 and January 16, 2009, we have posted some comments to consider. Points we feel demonstrate a continuing problem, beyond the actual affidavit of July 1, 2008.

We have also posted communications to and from the Waldorf School of Atlanta, from the June 28, 2008 to July 7, 2008 time period. We have done this for a simple reason – we would like to further demonstrate that after the June 28 meeting, we did nothing to invoke or cause the school to file the affidavit of July 1, 2008. We did not even mention hiring an attorney prior to July 7, 2008.