June 16, 2008 – Waldorf to Conway Neighbors

Property owners (neighbors) to the east of and adjoining the Waldorf School of Atlanta’s property were invited to attend a meeting at the Waldorf School of Atlanta on June 28, 2008.

The meeting invitation letter stated that a “series of unfortunate events occurring over a period of years” had been discovered by the Waldorf School of Atlanta and it was necessary to share these findings with the neighbors on the Waldorf School of Atlanta’s eastern boundary. The series of unfortunate events referred to in the inviting letter has not yet been explained (as of January 18, 2009).

During the meeting of June 28, neighbors specifically asked why a new survey was commissioned.

Specifically, we asked if the construction at “Our House” raised flags with the Waldorf property. Waldorf counsel and outgoing administrator replied in the negative.

Specifically, Waldorf members present at this meeting on June 28, stated that one reason for a new survey, is that neighbors had erected “new fences” which Waldorf teachers had brought to the attention of the administration. Another reason provided was that the school simply wanted all of its lands on one survey.

Only one neighbor erected a fence or made any change whatsoever to physical boundaries on the ground, prior to the meeting of June 28. That neighbor was and continues to be a Waldorf parent. Such matters can be settled without survey.

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Waldorf Letter to Conway Neighbors June 16, 2008
Waldorf Letter to Conway Neighbors June 16, 2008