June 28, 2008 – Waldorf Meeting With Conway Neighbors

Property owners (neighbors) to the east of and adjoining the Waldorf School of Atlanta’s property were invited to attend a meeting at the Waldorf School of Atlanta on June 28, 2008.

The meeting invitation letter stated that a “series of unfortunate events occurring over a period of years” had been discovered by the Waldorf School of Atlanta surveyor Claude Brown and it was necessary to share these findings with the neighbors on the Waldorf School of Atlanta’s eastern boundary. The series of unfortunate events referred to in the inviting letter has not yet been explained (as of January 15, 2009).

At the June 28, 2008 meeting, Waldorf School of Atlanta attorney, Rosemarie McConnell and then administrator Stacey Alston, along with planning chair Michael O’Brien, and other Waldorf School of Atlanta members, met with neighbors from 1165, 1169, 1177, and 1185 Conway Road and presented the Brown survey to these neighbors.

To summarize the meeting and the Waldorf School of Atlanta’s survey is difficult. But our opinion of the meeting is (paraphrasing in the extreme and most simply for illustration purposes)…

“Thank you for coming. We’ve decided to move our border 35 feet east to compensate for an error in our land. Please contact your title insurance company to seek compensation. You don’t have a claim to the land. Have a nice day.”

Now, of course, that was not the actual conversation. But the conclusion and the school’s intention was no different (in our biased opinion).